Successful entrepreneurs will readily admit that employees are the pulse of a company. Rightfully so. They interact with your clients on all levels of the business and know what works and what doesn’t.

As such, taking care of employees is no longer a nice thing to do: it’s something responsible businesses must do.

Here are simple things businesses of any size can do to improve the well-being of their employees.

Environmental Matters

The environment employees work in should foster creativity, enhance productivity and be pro-health.

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This brings together several things, including comfortable ergonomic chairs, good lighting, and fresh air.

Clean surfaces and surroundings are key as well. For convenience, consider hiring the best office cleaning company in Montreal to handle office hygiene.

Counselling Opportunities

Employees are often told to leave their ‘’personal problems’’ at home. While this might make sense on the surface, it’s foolhardy to assume that this is possible.

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Personal problems, be it relationship issues, financial or health problems, cannot be ignored only to be picked up after business hours. This means that employees will come with their emotional and mental baggage to work, impacting their productivity.

Companies should consider having a counselor. They do not have to be in-house but should be accessible and confidential.

Realize the Value of a Work-Life Balance

The longer your employees work, the more your company benefits, right? Well, wrong!

Heavy workloads or extended working hours can quickly take a toll on employees. This can lead to fatigue, burnout, and stress. None of these support productivity.

The power of check-ins: 7 proven strategies | peopleHum

Continuously think of ways to ease this burden on employees, Have manageable shifts, offer paid vacation, allow remote work occasionally, and so on.

Well-rested employees are more creative, motivated and are known to deliver high-quality work.

Promote Physical Wellness

Without good health, you are unlikely to get much from your staff. Not only does productivity take a nosedive, but unhealthy employees tend to take more days off work for sick leave.

20 Simple Ways to Promote Employee Wellbeing – Coburg Banks

This slows work down and interferes with business processes. Hiring temps from time to time is also an expensive undertaking. While gym memberships are good, not all companies can afford these. Fitness challenges are a less costly option. Encourage cycling to work, walking challenges recorded on apps, and so on.

These will help improve your staff’s physical health in a competitive, fun way.

Be Big on Recognition

A great way to make your employees feel valued is through employee recognition.

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Small things like “employee of the month” mentions and hanging the star employee’s portrait does a lot for motivation.

Final Word

There are numerous ways to improve employee wellness without breaking the bank. When it comes to wellness, it’s less about the cost and more about the creativity, effort, and time a company takes to institute wellness initiatives.

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