Abhijita Gupta, an Author at the Age of 8, Received a Royalty of Rs 3 Lakh Following the Publication of Her Most Recent Book

When Abhijita Gupta, a Class 3 student, was seven years old, she published her first book. Her most recent book, To Begin with, the Little Things, was recently published, and she was also paid a royalty of Rs 3 lakh for her previous works. She has already written three books at the age of eight.

Abhijita Gupta, a third-grade student, has accomplished something that many adults hope to accomplish “someday.” On October 9, the girl, who became a published author at the age of seven, released her third book, To Begin with, the Little Things.

Happiness All Around and We Will Surely Sustain, her first two books, were released in November of last year and February of this year, respectively. All three books are collections of short stories and poems published by Invincible Publishers.

With more than 9,700 copies of her first two books sold across platforms, she and her mother are eager to see how her third book is received by the general public.

Abhijita has been awarded the titles of “world’s youngest author” by the International Book of Records and “Grandmaster in Writing” by the Asia Book of Records. She is the youngest author to write poetry and prose, according to the India Book of Records.

Abhijita Gupta with her titles and books
Abhijita with her books…

Started writing at 5

“The book has moral stories revolving around issues like why we should value our privileges among other subjects,” Abhijita, who started writing at the age of five, tells us about her new book. If we follow these small key points, we will be successful and a good human being who contributes to the well-being of others.”

The girl, who completed the book in four months, claims that her surroundings inspire her to write.

I write about what I see, what I hear, and what I feel. I thought I could motivate people by writing this book and rid them of negativity because we were in the second lockdown and there was so much sadness in the world,

-Abhijita says

Teachers Are Guiding Light, Abhijata’s favorite story from her new book, focuses on the importance of a teacher’s presence in a child’s life.

Logic and Storytelling

While it may appear that an eight-year-old is too young to discuss morality and life lessons, Abhijita disagrees.

“I believe I am wise and old enough to write about moral lessons,” she says, explaining that morality to her refers to the actions one should take in order to achieve success and be a good person.

Anupriya Gupta, Abhijita’s mother, recalls her daughter’s exceptional reading abilities since she was just under four years old.

At the age when other children were learning phonetics, Abhijita was already a proficient reader. “We started giving her books to read when she was four, and by the time she was five, she was finishing book after book, adding that the child only made two spelling mistakes in the first story she wrote. 

-Her Mother (Anupriya) Recalls

Anupriya says Abhijita’s understanding of issues beyond her age occasionally astounds her and her husband.

We’re curious as to how she processes all of this information and weaves stories around it. But Abhijita has always been a logical child who tells it like it is. We think there’s something mysterious about the way she says such logical and wise things,

-Her Mother Says

The child is clearly wise beyond her years, as evidenced by a conversation with her.

Abhijita with her grandparents

When I grow up, I want to be a successful doctor so I can serve the nation and mankind like my grandfather, who is also a doctor and does not charge a penny from financially disadvantaged people,

-Abhijita says

She does, however, want to “keep writing as a hobby.”

Samadhan Team wishes all the best to Abhijita, hope you shine kiddo…. Bless You.

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