This Bride Gave an Exam the Day Before Her Wedding, and the Internet Messed up Her Priorities

Do you recall your examination days? Burning the midnight oil, your nose buried in stacks and stacks of books, all-nighters, and a never-ending syllabus? Finally, on the big day, stuffing your face with breakfast, skipping the shower, and forgetting half of what you’ve learned? Isn’t it the last? Is it just me who thinks this way?

Well, traumatic memories aside, exams demand such dedication. And moreover, no pain, no gain is the motto. But in this case, it was no exam, no shaadi.

In an unusual occurrence, a bride from Rajkot, Gujarat, took her university exam the day before her wedding! A viral video circulating on social media depicts a woman dressed in a red bridal gown sitting in an exam hall with other students and writing her exam.

Rajkot bride giving exam

In the morning, Shivangi Bagthariya, an undergraduate student, arrived at Shanti Niketan College to take the 5th semester of the Bachelor of Social Work exam (BSW).

When the date of my marriage was finalized, the examination schedule wasn’t declared. As luck would have it, the date as well as the morning muhurat of marriage clashed with my examination

According to Bagthariya

She arrived at the examination centre with her to-be husband and told reporters that both the families supported her decision.

Rajkot bride giving exam

While many girls, voluntarily or involuntarily, drop out of school to start a family, Shivangi has demonstrated that nothing is more important than you, yourself, and your education. Not even your wedding day is safe here!

Rajkot bride giving exam

Education is a must for all, including women. Parents and girls should give importance to education.

Shivangi added-

The comment section lauded the bride for her decision. 

Clearly, a wedding can be postponed, but self-empowerment cannot. Please take notice, society. Girls, you’ve done a fantastic job!

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