We used to hate earbud wires that got tangled and ripped all the time. At that time, the market could not yet offer decent solutions with quality sound and good battery life.

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Today it’s a completely different situation: dozens of brands are competing for market share, and it’s rare to see anyone with wired headphones. But finding the right model at a low price is challenging. Sometimes, even with headphones from popular brands, you cannot watch Netflix or a football game on due to unpleasant sounds.

Want to listen to your favorite music, movies, and sports matches without noise? Then these earphones will be the greatest choice for you.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2

Elegant earphones don’t sound bad but easily miss out on ambient noise. In the subway or near a noisy highway, the sound will not be heard well. But many people don’t need this isolation from the world around them, they want to hear what is being said to them and see danger, for example, when crossing the road.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic review - news

Such sound isolation works the other way: others will also hear your music. However, users note the low weight of the headphone. When they are on, after a while, you stop noticing them.

JBL Tune 225 TWS

These earphones are praised for their excellent sound for this price segment. The JBL Pure Bass makes the bass sound soft and deep, while other manufacturers don’t bother with this criterion and their bass is more of a buzz than a pleasure. The microphone at the bottom allows you to talk on the phone or record voice messages indoors and outdoors if it’s not too loud around.

JBL Tune 225TWS True Wireless Review -

Besides, each earphone can be separately connected to your phone or computer, and the other, for example, to charge. But you probably do not need this: the operating time from the built-in battery is 4-5 hours, if used in conjunction with the case, you can listen to music continuously for up to 12 hours.

The manufacturer even thought about charging the device (USB Type-C port is used). Some brands still use MicroUSB, although most smartphones no longer support this technology.

Baseus W04 Pro

The first earphones in this top with a claimed IP54 water and dust protection. They are almost no different from their predecessors, users praise only an excellent battery: in the headphone at 20 mA*h, in the case at 400 mA*h, this is great performance allowing them to work without recharging for 5 hours. The sound is amazing for the budget price segment.

Baseus Encok TWS W04 Pro Black: full specifications, photo |

Charging through the USB Type-C port takes about an hour. The shape of the earphones is comfortable. This model supports touch control: three taps on the left will turn on the previous track, on the right – the next. A double-tap on the right will pause or resume the work.

Hoco ES32

Hoco ES32 is loved by users thanks to its good sound quality and battery life: charging time from the 300 mA*h case is 1 hour.

Hoco Airpods ES32 TWS - Black – Lekka Stuff

This is enough for 3 hours of continuous listening to music without recharging. You can charge from the cable that comes with it or use wireless charging, it also works here.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2

Xiaomi has released a budget and stylish model. It implemented the technology of active suppression of ambient noise with two high-quality microphones, which was appreciated by buyers.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 TWS: the new “Xiaomi AirPods” promise better audio  quality with a similar design | GearBest Blog

These earphones have a good speaker with all the right frequencies, but the model is limited by the software. Besides, gestures are implemented here, identical to the gestures on the expensive variants. To pause playback, simply remove the earphone from your ear, and to play music again, touch the left earphone twice. You can change these gestures in the app.

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