Beautiful Rangoli Designs for This Diwali

Rangoli signifies happiness and prosperity. Get to know the Top 10 trending, beautiful and easy Rangoli designs and hacks for this Diwali and welcome Lakshmi to your home.

This year the auspicious day of Diwali falls on October 24, Monday. So, are you done with the preparations for Diwali 2022? Or are you still looking for beautiful rangoli designs to draw on this Diwali? If you are ever excited about Diwali rangoli and love to draw new patterns and designs on Diwali, then this article is intended for you. Please go through the blog to get acquainted with the beautiful rangoli design ideas I brought for you.

Firstly, Why Do We Draw Rangoli? 

Rangoli originated from the Sanskrit word rangavalli, which means lines of colors. It is a decorative art that people draw in their courtyard to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. There is also another spiritual significance in the Hindu dharmas behind rangoli. 

Story behind Rangoli

When Sita fell in Love with Ram, she prepared a Rangoli-like pattern on the ground using rice. She then sat around the rangoli and prayed to Goddess Gauri to grant Ram as his Husband. In the same way, devotees draw rangoli outside their houses to welcome Lakshmi into the home. 

Rangoli Designs for this Diwali 

Rangoli Design with Diya

Rangoli designs with diyas are versatile. Put the pink color in the circle pattern, and above that, write happy Diwali in white or yellow color. Draw flowers and leaves on the edge of the pink circle. Draw one big diya on the head of the process. Complete the rangoli by arranging diyas nearby. 

Mandala Rangoli

Are you a fan of Mandala art? Bring your mandala art into the rangoli pattern this Diwali. Please select one of your favorite and easy mandala patterns and put it down in the front yard of your house using rangoli. 

Corner Rangoli

If you live in a flat, you might probably have a corner outside your space. So, embrace this corner to create the rangoli. Put some fresh flowers in the corner and draw the rangoli around it. Put diya over the fresh flower and at the corner of the rangoli to complete the look.

Kundan Readymade Rangoli

Well, if you are not too good at drawing rangoli, you can merely get one set of ready-made rangoli patterns online. Recently trending mundane readymade rangoli are the most prestigious and elegant choice for rangoli this Diwali.

Rangoli with Petals

Another straightforward yet elegant rangoli idea is using flower petals. This type of rangoli pattern is usually referred to as Kerala-style Pokalam rangoli. Get an excellent quantity of your favorite flowers from the market. Arrange them in a way outside your house. Usually, yellow colored flowers are used for this purpose, but you can choose any flower. You can use different colored flowers to make it look beautiful.

Peacock Rangoli

Peacock looks gorgeous when drawn using rangoli. This Diwali, if you have a lot of spare time and want to do something creative, then draw a Peacock in the front yard on Diwali.

Rangoli Mats

Do you want the perfect rangoli this Diwali effortlessly? Get the rangoli mats online. These rangoli ants make it very simple to draw beautiful rangoli mats outside your house.

Draw Unique Rangolis this Diwali

Rangoli plays a considerable role on the occasion of Diwali. Use the simple and easy tricks and tips given above to draw rangoli this Diwali. Enjoy drawing rangolis this Diwali, and have a joyous Diwali.

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