Oppo’s New Diwali & Special Edition Phones Are Here to Bring Prosperity & Happiness to This Festive Season

It’s safe to say that as October approaches, there’s a shift in the energy that surrounds us. There was such a magical shift that you could almost see the sparks fly. As everyone takes a deep breath of fresh air and looks forward to a new season of new beginnings, joy, and prosperity. Yes, I’m referring to the holiday season.

Everyone’s favorite time of year is the holiday season. Everything about the celebrations, the food, and the music is magical. Needless to say, there are plenty of gifts to go around with the festivities and food! And this year’s gifts will be extra special thanks to OPPO’s special edition devices, which will bring in the holiday cheer.

That’s why, to commemorate our special golden bond, my brother and I have decided to give each other new OPPO phones this year. We decided to buy the dazzling new OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition and the OPPO F19s Special Edition in their new gold avatars to celebrate the season of prosperity. The devices are extremely festive and one-of-a-kind.

Majestic Gold is the color of the OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G’s Diwali Edition. The back panel of the Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition has a unique, glittery effect that shimmers like pure gold thanks to a special Diamond Spectrum technique developed by OPPO engineers.

Anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant properties are built into the glass surface. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about stains or scratches on this stunning gold back panel.

The glass’s incredible shimmery and bright frosted finish makes it feel as if you’re holding actual gold, fitting for the season of prosperity. Needless to say, with its spectacular and industry-first bokeh flare portrait video feature, this phone is the best choice for capturing the mesmerizing Diwali lights and moments, transforming your festive décor into something straight out of a movie. I want to keep the device to myself because it is so attractive and functional, but I know that my brother, who is a content creator, would appreciate it the most.

The OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition is priced at INR 41,990 and is available from major retailers as well as Flipkart. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on this device, as I’m sure it will sell out quickly!

The OPPO F19s Special Edition, on the other hand, costs INR 19,990 and is now available in a new gold variant called Glowing Gold. The phone has a large 5,000 mAh battery, 33 W fast charging, an AMOLED display, a sleek design, and a stylish finish that you’ll want to show off at all your Diwali parties. It has a Snapdragon 662 processor, 6 GB of LPDDR4X RAM (plus up to 5 GB virtual RAM), and 128 GB of storage.

It also has a 48MP triple camera, which means I’ll be able to Instagram all of my Diwali celebrations! The special AG design, which makes the phone super sleek and wonderfully stylish, is my favorite feature of this device. This one is a keeper, and I’ll be proud to show it off to all my friends this holiday season.


If you don’t want to buy a phone this holiday season but still want to treat yourself or a loved one, you’ll be pleased to learn that OPPO has a special offer for you. The OPPO Enco Buds Blue, which retails for INR 1,999, is now available on Flipkart for INR 1,499 until October 10th.

They’re now available in a new blue colour, with a 24-hour battery and AI-based call noise cancellation, and they’re super stylish and elegant. The OPPO Enco Buds Blue are a true value proposition because they are priced under $2,000. They are a pocket treat that all audiophiles will enjoy.

So, what do you have to lose? Light up new beginnings with OPPO, just like we did, and bring happiness and prosperity into your homes. All of the products can be found here!

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