Who is the New President of Afghanistan? History and Relation to Taliban

Situations in Afghanistan are out of control. The President of Afghanistan has left the country in just a few hours. As a result of the forces attacking Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. The insurgency’s soldiers encircled Kabul city on Sunday. As a result, the Afghan government’s demise is a foregone conclusion. Everyone is now wondering who will be the New President of Afghanistan. The insurgent group’s power in the country has been restored.

Afghanistan New President

As a result, for the first time in two decades, these organizations have gained command. As a result of this incident, President Ashraf Ghani and his cabinet members have evacuated the nation. Taliban fighters, on the other hand, have taken control of Kabul. As a result, the people have had a lot of problems with this act.

The country’s new authorities have now turned their attention to the Afghan people. As a result, efforts have been made to support the airlift program for Western diplomats, Afghans, and civilians. The President has also sparked several measures, but the media has labeled him a coward as he leaves. If you want to know more about the current situation in Afghanistan, read the full article.

Who will be Afghanistan New President

The entire world is now watching to see who will be Afghanistan’s next president. Mullah Baradar could be the country’s next president who is one of the Taliban’s founders. On the other hand, Ashraf Ghani has remained silent on his political career.

We’ve come to give all of the latest information about the situation in Afghanistan. In addition, Afghan police officers abandoned their posts. As a result, the Taliban will be responsible for maintaining the country’s public order. The country’s security forces have also been demoralized, as Taliban fighters seized the majority of the country in a very short space of time.

Initially, the Taliban claimed that they had not entered Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. But  They suddenly changed their minds. The Taliban have entered Kabul city that brought significant change to Afghanistan. They just issued a statement stating that higher officials, such as the Islamic Emirate, have instructed mujahedeen to oversee the abandoned districts in order to prevent looting and disorder in the country.

Afghanistan New President And Taliban

Above all, the fighters will not impose any disruption to residents or military officials in the country. Because there are so many Afghans, civilians want to depart with American troops, who are attempting to control the evacuation scenario. As a result of the Taliban fighters blending in with the Uniformed Afghan groups, the situation became weird.

As a result of the Taliban fighters’ impact, the major road leading to Kabul airport has become crowded with Afghan people. The Taliban forces were removed from Afghanistan in 2001 when they were in power. The US-led forces have largely carried out a separate agenda. However, in recent months, many Taliban groups have become aggressive. As a result of this, they have reclaimed power.

Taliban Overtake Afghanistan Parliament

The Taliban organizations will then have to talk to America directly in 2018. After then, in 2020, the Taliban and Afghans would reach a peace agreement in Doha. The US is required to remove its army under the terms of that agreement. In addition, the Taliban will no longer assault US Army forces. The scenario has now shifted due to the Taliban’s actions. They have not stopped targeting the Afghan people and security forces this year.

All we know is that the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. After that, there must be some kind of strong law in place for people. As a result, they have outlawed a variety of items, including cinema, television, and music. They infringe on everyone’s cultural and human rights to live. Also, girls aged 10 and up are not permitted to continue their studies. Burkhas, which come in a variety of styles, are required for women. In addition, men are forced by law to grow beards.

All of this must be imposed on Afghan citizens right now. They do so because they claim that they follow the rule of Sharia Law. President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced a few days ago that the US is preparing for a total pullout of its forces by September 11th. Afghanistan has been at war for the past two decades. The Taliban have now gained control of the majority of Afghanistan. After then, they arrived on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital.

Who is The Next President of Afghanistan?

  • Here is some stuff that you should be aware of:
  • Joe Biden, the US President, has ordered the deployment of around a thousand extra troops to Afghanistan.
  • Under Taliban pressure, Afghanistan’s President Ghani has also resigned from the government in order to stop the country’s insecurity.
  • No Way Forward, the people of Kabul are waiting for the Taliban with resignation and fear.
  • In addition, China has sought friendly relations with the Taliban, highlighting the threat of Islamic extremism in Afghanistan as a major concern.
  • Because the Taliban have already set their sights on Kabul, the city has begun to collapse as a result of dread.
  • Also, the US administration has a history of miscalculations, which has been exacerbated by the lack of an exit strategy.
  • The Canadian government, on the other hand, has vowed to assist Afghans. Because many people have become refugees as a result of the country’s forced evacuation. As on the most recent reports, the number of refuges is at 20,000.
  • The Taliban in Afghanistan, on the other hand, has complete control over the situation. People have also expressed concerns about the country’s future prospects.

Right now, the situation is quite serious since robbers, thieves, and other types of looters are attempting to steal items from people who are attempting to escape by cars. The Taliban group has taken control of Jalalabad’s regions before moving on to Kabul. Militants have taken control of the country’s eastern cities.

The US President, on the other hand, has stated that this action was taken to ensure the security of Afghans. However, there has been a lot of chaos. We wish that Afghan citizens remain safe and unharmed. However, Afghan residents are experiences and challenges with this issue.

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