Women Reveal The Things Their Partners Do In Bed That Drive Them Crazy

Things are getting Steamy in your bed with your partner. When he runs his Fingers over your hands and says softly- You have incredibly pretty hands, you know your hormones are about to Explode! After all, aren’t little things not so little?

Continue reading to learn about these women’s favorite things their partners did to them that they can’t get out of their heads.

1. I absolutely love being able to feel a guy’s boner through his pants before we get to it, while we’re laying down or making out or whatever. It’s exciting to know that he’s got something sexy on his mind and is ready to take it out on you.

2. Make me quiver in anticipation for it instead of diving right in. I like a man who can appreciate the beauties of softly dancing around it until I am so built up just lightly blowing air on my sweet spots can give pleasure. It makes me feel like he’s actually enjoying my body instead of using it to relieve himself.

3. Lying in bed together reading a separate book and having him turn to me to read a section of what he’s enjoying then getting aroused by his passionate interest.

4. Hearing the absolutely lovely words: ‘Good girl’. Compliments for being good is great.

5. I love when a guy runs his hand through my hair and tugs on it while kissing my neck! Drives me insane!

6. Snuggles, cuddles, and verbal ‘I love you before, during, and most importantly after.

7. I like when he’s moaning or grunting. I hate guys who don’t moan or grunt at least. Let us know you’re enjoying yourself. It turns us on!

8. Having a guy put his hand down my pants while driving. I’ll wear a skirt where possible and if it’s long enough no underwear when going on a date.

9. He thanks me for giving him head. He really doesn’t have to but does so every time.

10. I like when they make an effort to get to know what you like, but not by repeatedly asking. Just you know, be a little aware of another person’s interests too.

11. “When he goes down on me – simple.

12. He always grabs an article of his clothing to clean up the after-party he left on my stomach, ass, back, tits, etc. I find it cute that immediately after he’s done he wants to take care of me and wipe me clean.

13. Looking me in the eye when you deeply penetrate me. Take the lead. MAKE NOISE.

14. Sometimes he really let us go. He’ll rest his head against my neck and hold me as close as he can. The sounds and passion make me feel like the most desirable woman alive.

15. The guy with whom I had the best sex I’ve had thus far would hold me in his arms and run his nose up my stomach to my neck, kiss all the way down my arms, and compliment me on my body. 

When we actually had sex, he always made me feel like he wanted me so badly he couldn’t help it. It was one of the sexiest, most flattering things anyone has ever done to me.

Men, you never know, the smallest thing you do is gonna stay with them for life. 

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