Most Profitable Top 10 Small Businesses in India

Are you tired of doing your regular 9 to 5 job and want to be your boss? You have landed at the right place. Suppose you are considering starting your own business and exploring business opportunities in India. We’ll introduce you to 10 small businesses that are booming in India.

India is a land of opportunity. Everyone wants to be a successful entrepreneur, but developing a good business idea may seem challenging. In that case, there are several small businesses you can start to suit your needs, financial conditions, interests, and availability. 

There are many small businesses in India targeting niche markets. Here is a list of the top 10 small businesses you can start in India right now:

1. Dropshipping


If you plan to start a drop shipping business in India, it is the right time. E-commerce and internet trading are growing in India. And drop shipping is the best way to profit from this e-commerce boom in India. Therefore, let’s begin by understanding what is the meaning of dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is an online business different from traditional online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart. 

How to begin:

  • A dropshipping business is always digital. Hence, you`ll need a good and attractive website to sell your products, or you can open a marketplace on Facebook, Shopify, and other similar platforms. 
  • You can advertise your products with pictures, descriptions, prices, and terms and conditions. 
  •  Once you get an order and the payment, you`ll pass it to an Indian or foreign supplier. 
  • You`ll buy the products from an Indian or foreign store to supply your customers at a lower price. And you`ll be selling these items on your dropshipping website at a higher price. 
  • Before buying products from an Indian or foreign supplier, you`ll have to agree upon the rates and sometimes test the quality of their stuff by ordering a sample. 
  • The supplier, such as a manufacturer or wholesaler, will ship the goods directly to your customer after paying them. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Another among the top small businesses strategy in India is Affiliate Marketing. You would have heard of Affiliate Marketing as it has become famous in the past few years. But how Affiliate Marketing works? 

Affiliate Marketing is excellent for launching products as it helps affiliates promote products and generate sales. The Affiliate Marketers promote their products by providing links to affiliates to track which affiliates are driving traffic on different sites. 

Affiliates can promote your small business through a blog, YouTube video upload of the product, reviews, and testimonials. So, let’s say you mention a particular product on one of these platforms; this is when the customer purchases the product or shows interest. In this way, you might be able to make money. 

 There are several advantages to using affiliate marketing, especially for small businesses: 

  •  Pay only when results are in.  
  •  Can be more profitable
  •  Affiliates are good at creating content and reaching customers: Why would someone sign up as an affiliate and waste time if they think they won’t be able to bring you the customers?  
  •  You know your cost-per-conversion: This will help determine if you are losing or winning.  
  •  You rarely lose money

3. Daycare owner

Daycare owner

Daycare continues to be in high demand. Many parents require daycare for their children. If you like to take care of small kids, then a daycare career would be the best for you! What is the job of a daycare owner? 

Daycare owners provide a safe learning environment for a child where they can learn and grow but finding an excellent daycare center can be difficult. Meet the needs of your neighborhood by opening a daycare. Also, comply with city zoning, insurance, and inspection requirements before opening a daycare.

4. Tutoring


Do you not have enough money to start a business? I believe tutoring is the best opportunity to earn without investing any money. Many business ideas require you to spend money, except for tutoring.

Tutoring is one of the most profitable top small businesses that help educate children. It leads them to successful education, whether you are a talented student, parent, teacher, or retired teacher. Starting a tutoring business could also serve as a salary supplement depending on the number of students you teach.

How to begin:

• A small tutor business is accessible to advertise. Put posters in schools, universities, and public places (post offices, banks, coffee shops).  

• You could also open a tutoring company. 

• If you want to work at night or on weekends, you can call for a late afternoon session. 

In this business, you can meet different types of people, build relationships with parents, make perhaps one or two friends, and increase your chances of being referred. Tutoring is a rewarding profession. It can enrich your life and, at the same time, improve the life of the students you teach.

5. Catering service

Catering service

Do you love to cook? If yes, you can start catering service from home with the proper kitchen, equipment, and recipe books worth sharing. You don’t need any significant investment to create your own catering business. You can count on some additional steps for support (and good transportation); this is a great way to step into one of the top small businesses in India. Customers are willing to pay a fair amount for catering if they maintain good hygiene, tasty food, and customer service standards.

6. Tour guide

Tour guide

Do you like the local history of your city or state? Consider becoming a tour guide. Tour guides help the tourists by showing them around the places of their interest. You’ll have to research your town’s history to do the job, but it’s half the fun. Differentiate yourself by offering tours that address specific niches in the history of your community. 

Some tour guides, such as Boston’s freedom trail tour guide, offer historic walking tours of the city’s most ghostly places; while helping guests get a real sense of the town. You can also create an environment for your tourists to ensure they experience the best.

7. Moving business or company

Moving business or company

Trucks, mobile equipment, staff, proper permits, and insurance are the building blocks to starting your moving business. However, before buying your first truck, start with a moving truck and keep costs low. Does the initial investment still sound like it’s too high? Consider only offering packaging services with much lower barriers to entry. You can also take a niche approach to the industry like Astro International by providing international moving services.

8. Virtual assistant service

Virtual assistant service

Almost every business requires a Virtual assistance service nowadays; providing this service is probably not bad! Virtual Assistant Services is one of the top small businesses in India and the most profitable business idea. 

With the spread of telecommuting and virtual offices, the demand for specialists such as virtual assistants increases. A virtual assistant is a self-employed, independent contractor that provides

management or technical services to clients while working remotely from the client’s office. 

They usually help clients with tasks that take time, such as meetings and appointment schedules. Virtual assistants typically work from home but can access the digital resources they need to do their jobs.

For example, you can enter data into the client’s database or add an appointment to your digital calendar. These services are effective for busy small businesses with insufficient employees (or who cannot afford a full-time salary) to perform specific tasks. These outsourced tasks may include: 

  • Scheduling 
  • Lead sales talk 
  • Processing of medical records 
  • Research products 
  • Conducting market research 

Starting a virtual assistant business is easy. It will help if you have a computer with the right know-how and robust Wi-Fi connectivity.

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9. Courier Services

Courier Services

Who does not want to get their package or delivery on time? Customers wish boxes to deliver quickly, safely, and on time in today’s fast-paced world. Courier services can give your business a competitive edge by offering localized delivery options. 

Package delivery is something you can start on your own and eventually grow into a more significant type of business. Of course, you need websites, vehicles, and sophisticated marketing.

10. Logo and graphic design service

logo & Graphics Designing Service

Are you a visual type, very creative, and want to show your creativity to the world? Then logo and graphics designing might be the best decision for you. Yet another one of the marketing-related top small businesses in India is a highly profitable business idea. But there is much competition in this field, so it would be best if you initiate creative ideas to stand out from others.

As a logo designer, you should focus on building your portfolio first. All-new clients want to see your previous job. Therefore, a broad and high-quality portfolio can be the best marketing tool. 


Choosing a small business idea to work on is a personal choice. Money is essential, but you need more motivation to keep going. Exchange ideas with friends and family until you find the perfect picture or idea that fits your schedule.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help during this process, and don’t forget that you have a little fun getting the job done. We hope that you must have been inspired by the list mentioned above. Good luck with your wealth-creating journey ahead.

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